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Life Update I Suppose.



Well, I slipped back into a deeper depression over the summer, and didn't leave the house for week at a time. Just would sit on the computer all day and game. I convinced myself to register for another college/univ course so now I'm taking Archaeology, just one course to get me out of the house for a mandatory hour 3X a week. I feel a bit better getting out, although I rarely leave the house on the non school days. I guess now I dwell on other things like the fact I had hoped that I would make a friend or something but that hasn't happened yet, I tried not to be so reclusive, I have trouble making eye contact and talking. So I guess that turns people off from talking to me. I dress in sweats because I've gained a bit of weight since the last time that's probably an issue too for people. I guess if people are like that why bother better off without them even though still wouldn't mind someone if they were to reach out. I just don't know what turns people off about me, or I'm not socially outgoing. I just don't get the disconnect.


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Have you ever tried going to a support group that's relevent to your issues? It might help twofold- both with support and learning to be more comfortable talking to people. It's helped me a great deal.

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