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struggling at work. a lot. just dk how to manage it anymore. we probably appear uninterested and i dont know how true or untrue that is anymore. had a good appt today. asked cm about those organisations she had mentioned before and we are getting a referral for something called partners in recovery, i think she said its one on one support, tailored to our needs which is basically improving socialisation and isolation. i am scared but i think it will help. we will see.


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Sorry for not commenting in a while.... I think you're all being very brave (cm really held the snake? That was worth graduating for alone!) . I know you're struggling and scared (and not been in a good place), but you've been so committed this far and you all have the strength to face some scary things. I hope the partners in recovery is something you can use.

You've come this far by taking little steps one at a time. No-one's expecting you all to suddenly take a leap.

Love to you all :hugs: :hugs:

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