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Four Weeks Short Term Disability



This will be my second psychiatric short term disability in the past six months. I have a much better doctor this time though, who will not just throw me back to the same job full time after only three weeks. I'd done a two week inpatient program, and the other pdoc just said a week extra is enough and wrote me back. The new pdoc says it's not going to happen that way this time.

So I have four weeks off initially (just completed the claim online). Maybe longer if I need it, we'll re-evaluate before sending me back. During that time, the idea is that I get my brain relaxed after all the overstimulation of the past year or so. I was just diagnosed with schizoaffective depressive type (long time coming) and I have limitations to what I can tolerate without having my psychosis rear up. I'm currently in a very demanding job split between three areas. My pdoc wants to me to either return to a different, more solitary, job or to have that be the ultimate goal as I return for part time hours only. She is not going to feed me to the wolves like the other guy. I knew there was a reason i fired the other guy....yathink?

Anyway, I am relieved for the time being. I am very low functioning at the moment. Some days I don't do anything but sleep and look at the ceiling being afraid of my paranoia. I need my brain to reset. My med cocktail is pretty good right now so we're not changing it other than raising my Haldol since it works well for me. That's a relief not to have to jump back on the med-go-round - I've been on it for three years.

The short term disability is through my employer, I don't have to worry about hiring a lawyer or anything, so that's another relief. I pretty much just have to get better. I just hope that's possible. My brain has definitely become lower functioning in the last four years when the stress in my life started to grow again. (sigh)


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hugs..glad to hear you got someone that will work with you this time. understand how it can be on disability, we are on disability with a two year review, dk how that will work out for us because i want to work but not managing even one day a week at all

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