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Here's A New One - Administrative Leave



So I was diagnosed schizoaffective depressive type last Thursday, and I called out from work on Friday because I was too emotional. I tried going today, but when I got my boss and our lead admin assistant together and updated them on my diagnosis, I lost it again and couldn't get back under control. so they suggested I go back home.

i called my new pdoc and left a message for her to please write me off from work for a while. She normally doesn't return calls until the end of her day, so I have not yet heard from her.

In the meantime, my boss, who I thought wasn't being very supportive earlier, went to HR for advice. They are putting me on two weeks' administrative leave with pay (non-disciplinary) so that there is time to get to my doctor and get documentation about diagnosis, any limitations I have, and....I think we all know this....dates for another short term disability. No one has come out and said the word disability, but it's implied by all.

I feel a LOT of relief with this. I don't have to go there for two weeks and by then I should be on disability if all goes right. I'm really in a bad way and there's really no way I can work my chaotic job through it. My pdoc tried lowering my haldol from 7.5 to 5 mg and I had a psychotic episode this morning. So I have to ask her about that too.

Anyway, just putting this up there in case it benefits someone else in this boat. Doesn't have to be schizoaffective, maybe just depression, but I had no idea I could go on two weeks administrative leave with pay until we figured everything out.

I've done nothing but pray since I got home, so I must also thank God again for hearing me and helping me. Now to see what Dr M says...


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I hope it all works out for you, you deserve to be supported and have time to rest if you need it. I hope this all goes to plan for you xxx

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