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Feeling Better - Yaay

Phantastic Mirage


Well, exercise seems to really control my mood. Started doing things more regularly - even cleaning up the house. So, I feel more on top of things (in my own life) now and I feel pretty good. Sad to say, I kinda pushed grandma off to the side again >_>; still..need to get those doctor appointments in order. To be honest though, it's only been tough because I've put so much time into myself and trying to keep myself stable. I've worked SOO many hours at work since September and it's paying off. We've had our branch manager and assistant both leave within a week - one of the supervising tellers is looking into the Service (Assistant) Manager position which means ---- Ta-Da! There might be a supervising teller position open soon and I'm all willing to take it up. I have all the qualifications and I'm pretty awesome at what I do. I've also worked for the company for 3.5 years so..I got that going for me. The longest running job yet. I feel really cool and accomplished with that. Even if I DON'T get the lead teller position - it's good to know that I still know my stuff and people are starting to look to me for answers.

So, I've taken a completely different approach to my job while being careful not to step on toes. I keep my mind open so I can listen and learn about things I don't know about yet AND be supportive with things I do know. Luckily, there are training modules at work I can take for free about different aspects of management so I've been taking them during down time at work. It's pretty nice and things are generally looking up. House is clean, I'm being more active than I was around the holidays. I actually don't feel as bad as I thought though. I fell off the diet track around the holidays and that's okay Lol. Now I can get back on track with eating more healthy and not being too lazy to cook. I've been kind of "bored" of playing games online lately, so it's opened up a lot of time at home to do things. Now, I got to work on gently opening up time at work so I can take care of grandma. This coming weekend has been the first weekend in a LONG time that I will actually have off, and it's the Saturday of my monthly visits. So - yaay. BUT - It's also been a pain because doctor offices aren't open on Saturdays. When we do get a manger, I'll make some schedule arrangements - but without someone to approve anything I can't be garenteed any time off. Oh well.

^^ I started writing the above two days ago and..I forgot what I was writing and I'm too lazy to read it to follow up in any sort of meaningful way - SUBJECT CHANGE YAAAAY

The talk of starting my own business came up. Yeah.. Uh..we'll see how that goes. There's a million things I could say about it, but no. I'll think about it later cause my mind's really on the bank at the moment. I want that supervisor position.


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