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A Trillion Minds



So, for some reason I want to write. Ok, not for some reason. Because it seems glamorous to take walks in the forest at 6 am while still in my bath robe and then sit before a type writer with a mug of steaming hot coffee and perhaps a croissant after and then pop into the local book shop for research material and exchange pleasantries with the book keeper while riding a mobile ladder in a Belle-like fashion... Yes this is how I envision the glamourous life of a best selling author. (And mobile ladders, are there actually places IRL that have those and where are those places exactly?)

But where was I... There are so many things I want to say that it is impossible to keep track.

Well, today I sat down to look at one of my latest ideas and try to find, you know, the actual story. The stuff that happens. After having participated in Nanowrimo a couple of times I think it is safe to say I am a little wiser and a little more productive than I was before but have I learned how to come up with the pieces that make up a story, you know the events? Nuh uh. Still as clueless as ever.

Still I'm torn between that character that I have written three times but has no premise or story and that story that has goal but no conflict... I'm constantly stuck with this box with pieces from different puzzles. The great idea that lacks conflict and the conflict that lacks the great idea...

This isn't made better by the fact that the best way for me to get inspired at all to do something is by doing something else. I could be chrocheting and suddenly feel like writing a thing but it's so fleeting that it's best to keep crocheting and as soon as I drop the crochet hook the inspiration is also gone. It's not made better by the fact that my creative writer mind is less critical when I'm in bed and that thing that my inner editor was opposing that morning is suddenly not so terrible but you know I'm in bed can it wait until tomorrow? No it can't because then my inner editor is rested and finding faults in everything again!

I think it's time to crochet a bit.

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Hello, fellow writer here. And, I understand your dilemma about having a character but the story part is lacking. I've studied a lot of story theory, but formula writing isn't as easy as it looks. Anywho, the best piece of advise I have for you is to think of your character as the plot. We're following the character to see what he or she will do. The situation is important, but it isn't as important as how the character is going to react to that situation.

So, just as a writing experiment, maybe think up a few situations--maybe dangerous situations, social intrigue, m*****, missing shoe, etc.--and think about how your character would react. Remember: readers want dynamic, fully-fleshed out characters without being bombarded with information.

And you may want to try keeping a notebook next your bed. :) Don't let ideas slip away, Although, I totally understand the crafting thing, It's strangely addicting and calming.

Good luck.

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