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Tw Sui - Stuck



missing our counsellor so much. had to say goodbye three months ago and the holidays compounding the isolation has been triggering the grieving. thinking about sui*ide..feeling like i did when overdosing in the past but cant even do that now. seeing a gp tomorrow, dk how that will go :(


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Hi Brokenme,

Will you let us know how it goes at the GP tomorrow? It's such a terrible situation when we're already depressed and life piles on. But it doesn't stay that way. The holidays are so stressful, expectations high, and ironically, it's the time many of us feel the loneliest. Please check in once you've spoken with your GP.

Big hug.

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Hey sweetie, as arboria said, please check in with us again after the GP. You've had a lot going on in your life lately, even with the holidays. Sometimes good things can still cause stress, like your graduation. Allow yourself some time to decompress and be gentle with yourself.


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it didnt go terribly, but not great. i guess i should have expected that tho. stayed for a few hours :/ just feeling stuck. got a sample of mirtazapine. shrugs idk

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