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officially completely done with school. got my testamur and stuff. fretting about stuff though like looking for work. still on disability and struggling with staying present during the day. may be going to a community dinner tomorrow. still thinking about it. no one else inside wants to go. :( merry christmas..


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Merry christmas to you i will def be think of you all day, it would be good to go to the community dinner but i also understand not wanting to go as well. All my love xxx

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One thing at a time, people :hugs: The community dinner sounds like a good reward, but I can understand how difficult it would be if nobody else wants to go. It is your reward though -- everyone's reward. YYou all did this.

I'm so proud of all of you. Officially done. Knowing the past several years, you just all just climbed Everest. Take time to realise where you all are, perhaps, and don't rush. You've all done this.

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thanks guys :hugs:

didnt go to the dinner, they didnt sound very nice when i called yesterday so i thought stuff this and stayed home, and struggling with si at the moment :(

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