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Learning Not To Interpret And React



Sometimes I watch buddhist vids on youtube. It always makes sense while I watch and then I make a note to myself to not forget what is said but of course I do anyway and if I remember I probably remember wrong but anyway. I can never remember their eloquent ways of phrasing things and when I try to repeat it it always comes off as clumsy but oh well.

But one thing that resurfaced today was the concept of interpreting situations and reacting to them.

Say I'm in a situation. Someone might say something or just behave in a way that I naturally interpret in a way that offends me and then I react with having hurt feelings although 1, I might be misinterpreting and 2, it's only the reaction that is hurting me and not the situation and interpretation in itself.

This is something I must get better at. Not interpreting things negatively and not reacting. We're only thoughts and reactions.

On another note I've had a good couple of days and not been too bothered by the things I lack in my life such as a future. I hope I can keep warding off the demons, I get more things done that way. But of course I'm stuck with a pesky cold instead. But I get more things done with a pesky cold.


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