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Great. Now I've Done It.



As mentioned in my previous post, I drank like a fiend over the Labor Day weekend. Here it is Friday, and I'm still suffering from digestive issues and a profound weakness whenever I try to do anything very physical. I just walked the mile to work and broke into a sweat before I got to the office. Yeah, it's really humid out there, but that mile walk normally doesn't cause me any issues.

I'm going to get through the weekend and see how things go. If I still feel weak and crappy, I'm going to make an appointment for some bloodwork. I fear I have really done some damage this time.


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I'm sorry you are having a rough time JD.

Do you think what you're experiencing might be withdrawal from the alcohol?

Anyway I hope you recover very soon.

Take care of yourself my friend,


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I'm actually feeling a bit better today. Headache is less painful, I didn't break out into a sweat when I rode my bike to the office, and my appetite seems to be coming back.

Now I have to simply stay away from the hooch. It sure sounds easy, doesn't it? :)

Thanks for checking in, AG.

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