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When I'm Depressed...



I feel like I'm just an annoyance to everyone around me. Even here online, I feel like a big baby crying out for attention...I hate these thoughts and I don't usually get them quite this bad.

I feel like a burden to my family and friends. What really sucks is that I don't even know if my feelings are rational or not.

In social situations, like last night when a few friends were visiting for a Summer Solstice cookout...who would want to hear the thoughts of a lonely, ill, depressed guy?

So I kept my mouth shut for most of the night. I wasn't very social last night at all. It's hard for me to be sociable when I feel so awfully down.

I was polite, of course, but not at my "social best".

We did make a cool bonfire last night...and it really should have been fun for me.

But I just mostly ended up staring into the fire and thinking about lots of things...

Anyway I'm rambling again so I'll stop typing for now.

Thanks for reading and have a nice Sunday.



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You are not a burden, AG. I understand feeling that way, though. So many times it's hard to reach out and let people know when we're struggling, especially the people we know offline. I am glad I know you, and it is a privilege to be able to be an encouragement when you need it.

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No, not a burden at all. I know the feeling and I know that hearing someone say you're not won't change the way you feel. It'll pass, my friend.

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