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More Stressed Out!!!!



I found a new psychologist. I met him a few times during my work. I did know know he was a psychologist until I found him on the internet. He seems like a nice guy.

BAD NEWS: my insurance does not cover psychologists visits even though my psychiatrist wrote it in his letter to them on my claim.

MORE BAD NEWS: my claim still approved or disapproved as yet.



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Duck, AloneGuy raises a concern I have as well - do you know why payment has been forbidden? It would be good to have an emailed explanation from the appropriate person - they should show what documents ( eg insurance contract/agreement) they used, and the people involved who made the decision. They should show WHERE in the documents (eg point 5.2 of the insurance Terms) the related material is, that led them to make the decision. Even if is a valid decision, by having it explained properly, you will at least feel it is justified and not unfair. But, there's a strong chance it's a b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t. decision.

We're with you Duck!

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