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My Latest Depression And Anxiety



As usual it's been a while since I've updated my blog.

Lately I've been thinking about starting a private journal again, since it's easier for me to write in a book or a letter than post online.

Anyway... I have been trying to recover from a particularly bad and dark, but thankfully short, depressive episode. I go through such depressions often and have for many years.

So I have the "time tested" knowledge that my depressions will lighten up to some state of feeling "ok" (never feeling 100% great).

And after a few weeks of misery, my latest depression has truly lifted up a bit, thank God, and also thanks to my treasured friends here, and one very special friend in particular.

So here I am today on a Wednesday afternoon...being hit in the head with extreme anxiety. The near panic type that shakes me to my core.

I'm feeling very sorry for myself. I really don't think I've ever done anything to deserve either depression or anxiety...and to go from one to the other and then back again? It sucks.

Sorry but I just had to type this out and get it out of my ill mind, even if only temporarily. To be honest I'm not even sure why...I know it'll come back. It always does and has broken me down for over 20 years.

What's next?

Thanks for reading.


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No one deserves to have depression or anxiety issues. I have them too. Yes, it does suck. I'm so glad we're all here to support one another. If you ever need to talk, drop me a PM....I don't have the answers, but I can listen.

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If it comes back, that means there are times when it's not there.

Doesn't that give you some hope?

Throw yourself a pity party anytime you want. And since misery loves miserable company, feel free to invite us to join you. No need to apologize for your feelings, or writing them out in your blog. That's the whole idea.

People are here because they choose to be here. So share, we're listening and we care.

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