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Being Unhirable



My life doesn't really look that bad, but I can't say it is good. I have no motivation or desire to improve anything and as a non-skilled labourer that is lacking much energy my choice of work is getting narrower with time. And that was the reason I left my country in the first place. I was going to be 26 and jobless and since age was more important then experience I had no choice. Immigrating was a means to survive. It was this or death, or that is how it felt.

Currently I am in no better place. Good workers are always with a job but in the modern day slavers life that is also a very difficult thing to do. Yes, slavery is what I call it. You might get paid but you have not much choice and rights. People say you do. No, you don't. And it is not a matter of being treated badly, it is a matter of expecting too much.

Why is google only showing smiley people?

Not to self: Write about filtering process when choosing employees and give examples of expectations from employees.


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