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Feel Bleh



I hate when you hurt so bad inside but your body won't let you cry. =( This sucks. Still need a job. I don't have much energy to do anything, leave the house etc. Family thinks it's a motivational problem but it's not, I literally don't have any physical energy. Why do people confuse the two.


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I think people confuse the two because they do not have personal experience of both versions. Most people have had the experience of lacking motivation and not doing things. I would say fewer people have had/realized they've had zero physical energy and can't do anything no matter how much they want to. I understand the difference. Try to be patient with your family, their understanding of your suffering is somewhat limited. You could even try to communicate the difference between how they think you feel and what you actually feel, it might help to talk about it, this could be an educational opportunity for your family.

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