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Well Done My Course For Now. =) Feeling Relieved, Kind Of.



Well, since I'm done my course, and summer is approaching I desperately need to find a job. I guess the problem is I honestly don't have any confidence to even go out and look, I had to quit my toxic job in January. I don't understand how some work places are run by a bunch of adults who act as if they haven't left high school, gossip, slander etc. I just couldn't take it any more, the money was decent, but wasn't learning anything new and they cut my hours dramatically since I was going to school, I'm pretty sure they did that out of spite.

I've applied at a couple banks back in January, one wanted a web interview and I just didn't have enough confidence to do it, so I cancelled. I don't think I really want to work at a bank though. Since then I haven't really looked for work. I just feel hopeless. I really would like to work from home somehow. That is where I feel most comfortable. No surprise at that though depression and anxiety play a huge role in that. I'm lucky to still live at home, but I can't do that forever.


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