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Easter Weekend Chaos And Other Random Thoughts



It truly was chaotic here. My brother and I hosted 8 people at various times between Friday night's dinner and Easter evening.

I was able to socialize fairly well, as the guests are people I would call friends and wasn't feeling too bad anxiety/depression wise.

On Saturday night I went to bed very early and missed a large party, which was definitely a good thing as I was one of few without after effects from overindulgence the next morning :)

My brother's girlfriend and I went out to do some shopping early Easter morning while everyone else slept.

The weather was beautiful!

Last night (Easter) was a lot of fun. The two friends who were visiting from Pittsburgh left to tour Washington DC. So it wasn't quite as hectic as Friday night, which was crazy.

I don't ever recall eating as much good food as I did this weekend. I've always been skinny so for me eating=good :)

Just my scattered thoughts I thought I would share :)

Anyway I hope everyone had a very nice holiday weekend!

Thanks for reading,


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I used to be chronically skinny but now, I can't eat like I used to without consequences. I had a size 31 waist last year, but I'm up to 33 now. And that's getting tight. I'm in the midst of cutting way back on sweets and carbs. It's really tough because A. I like them so much, and B. I'm the only one in the family trying to do it.

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