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Boring Update




Its been a long while so I figured I would/should update my blog. In a kind of abbreviated format :)

I took a month long break from DF from around Christmas until about the beginning of February. I've been around since then, but rarely post outside the Water Cooler/Forum Cafe.

During that period of time:

-Christmas was cool, just a small gathering of local friends and good food. A few gifts were exchanged, but Christmas really isn't the same as it once was for me.

-My birthday was Jan 26th and, since my brother's is the 27th, we celebrated both on the same day. It was pretty fun :)

-My depression was pretty bad throughout the month, and I was physically ill as well. When I saw my doctor for my routine 6 month psych meds refills/update appointment he noticed my lungs didn't sound so good and that I had a fever. Basically I had been sick for some time, and was put on meds for that, and am now finally recovered.

Nothing serious.

-My depression is currently not too bad. I'm going through one of my better phases. Who knows how long this one will last...

Anxiety is ALWAYS an issue. Going to the store during the day can be hard for me. I don't get acute panic attacks very often these days (due to klonopin), but anxiety rears up frequently...especially social anxiety.

So anyway I'm doing ok at the moment. Hopefully the next time I enter a depressive episode I won't retreat from DF like I did the last time.

Thanks for reading




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Hi AloneGuy, nice to hear from you! I was somewhat absent for a while too due to job-hunting (which still continues), but try to now pop in here more often. See you in the Water Cooler/Cafe, or perhaps on other DF boards as well :)

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