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Been Away For Awhile



I haven't been on in awhile and that is because I have had a lot going on. Besides the usual stress from school I got pregnant from my boyfriend and I miscarried. It was extremely hard on me and my insecurities. I had gained some weight while I was pregnant and well you can tell and I am extremely insecure about it. Because it looks ugly and so do I. Then my boyfriend also told me I was his first which shocked me big time. I mean I should've figured but still. I just have this guilt like I took his virtue. Other than that I haven't been taking my meds either, it's not on purpose I just forget to take them an when I remember its too late to take them. so my depression and anxiety have been off the charts. I wish I didn't need the meds but I do.

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So sorry to hear about your miscarriage :(

its normal to gain weight im sure you dont look ugly. I hope u feel better soon *lotsofhug*

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