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Stupid Pathetic Loser



I'm a stupid pathetic loser that will never amount to anything and I'm just a burden on my family. I wish I could die but I don't want to ruin other peoples lives.

I've been trying to work on making some software but I'm so dumb I can't understand how to do it. I know I should go back to working casually but I know that if I was working some miserable job I would just quit anyway as I wouldn't be able to handle it.

I'm just tired of living I don't want to exist, every morning I wake up disappointed that I'm still alive.

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I've been in one of the worst downswings than I've been in for a long time and have felt like this as well.

I don't have any great advice or words of wisdom.... but wanted you to know that you are being heard.

I know how much of a struggle it is every single day but we still have to fight, even when we don't want to.

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