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I Skipped!

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I'm depressed.

Really I am.

The symptoms are back.

Like a reunion.

However, I'm still capable of laughing and talking to people enthusiastically.

I'm not faking it.

And I'm fully aware of the irony EACH time it happens.

I went for Yoga last night.

The teacher wanted us to try a challenging pose which requires partnership.

I enjoyed the 'getting to know new friend' part in the process.

And guess what? I skipped back to my mat.


Today, I was re-watching my favourite tv series HOUSE.

There's one episode where the patient couldn't control the movement of his left arm.

He's suffering from a condition where his right brain couldn't communicate with his left.

Ok. I know I don't have such dramatic Hollywood condition, but I think my rational side of the brain is trying to 'cheer' my emotional side of my brain.

And I'm grateful.

I still have the rationale.

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I love doing childlike things like skipping.


For a couple of years, I'd jump to touch the highest tree branches I could reach while walking along the street. I'm also surprised how little attention it drew. Like people are focused only on themselves, or just ignore anything that is unconventional, and pretend like nothing is happening.


Only one time, some guy honked as he drove by and yelled. 'WOW you jump really high!' I thought to myself, why did that guy yell to me, what a weirdo. LOL.

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