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Can you make an emergency appointment with your pdoc? I really think you need to change meds, sweetie. I don't think your AD is working anymore. It makes such a big difference when one works!

Sending you love. (((((Brokenme)))))

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Maybe shmooey is right you may need a change in meds as well.

But i understand how you feel i am here for you, and you know that :)

I just wish i coukd do more to help ((( bug squishy hugs)))

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I would just tell him at the beginning of the session that your Lexapro isn't helping you anymore and you want to switch to something else. I would think the Seroquel is still okay, but it doesn't sound like your AD is helping at all, or else you need a higher dose.

Do it at the beginning so things don't get distracted and then it doesn't come up. I hate seeing you so suicidal. I hate being so suicidal, but my new meds are helping that a lot. I want that for you too.

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