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White Tigers Are Not Natural, It Turns Out.



The ONLY way to produce a tiger or lion with a white coat is through inbreeding brother to sister or father to daughter; generation after generation after generation. The kind of severe inbreeding that is required to produce the mutation of a white coat also causes a number of other defects in these big cats.


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I think a lot of people don't know about this. It is the first time I hear that white tigers are not an actual breed, but the result of inbreeding.

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It's the arrogance of human beings, sadly. Really, we have much to be ashamed of and this sort of thing happens on a grand scale with dog breeders. I shudder to think of the extent of the silent cull of all species subject to this sort of programmed inbreeding. **** me, we're on the verge of doing to ourselves.

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