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Vacation (And Other Stuff)



So I made it out to Colorado to visit my parents and other family. I'll be here until next Sunday.

I was, as usual, extremely nervous about the trip. Not the visit itself, but the plane ride out here....but of course I made it safely.

Ever since I was a kid I've had a fear of flying. I do realize it's an irrational fear, much like my fear of heights (and even spiders!).

I also realize I shouldn't be complaining at all while many people on DF don't even have supportive parents to visit...in fact I feel very guilty about posting this.

It is very nice out here. The change of scenery has come at a good time for me as I've recently been coming out of a bad depression. How will I feel 6 days from now when I'm back at home? Likely not good, but I'm really trying not to think about that, I'm trying to enjoy myself out here.

I discovered some interesting things while talking to my mom the other night. Apparently my family history is filled with mental illness. I knew that my mom's side of the family has a history of depression and anxiety, but I found out that there are also relatives who have been hospitalized with psychosis and schizophrenia...one particular relative actually disappeared and no one knows what happened to him.

Anyway, this has reaffirmed the fact that I have inherited my illness. Depression, anxiety, psychosis, alcoholism, and who knows what else are all visible on my family tree. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I'm not even worse off.

So, yeah, I am having fun on vacation. I'm now used to the -2 hour time zone change (I slept most of the first day), and I saw a bear today! :) Pretty cool.

Thanks for reading. Hope all are doing ok, even though I know some of you are not.

Best wishes from Colorado



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Happy to know you are enjoying your time away. Soak up as much as you can and those lovely bits will be with you for a long time. Maybe capture the bear next time you see it and see if you can get her/him through security at the airport. I am full of helpful advice.

Have fun. :)

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one particular relative actually disappeared and no one knows what happened to him.

That is interesting. Maybe you can find out. Maybe you can google him, or call the police where he was last seen. Maybe he is homeless and not remembering anything. Or maybe he doesn't want to be found.

I don't think fear of flight is irrational. Fear is good. It tells you there is danger and while it is not very likely something to happen it is ok to feel some fear. I have a very bad vertigo. I get dizzy if I'm 5 meters high. And I hate some bugs. Gosh I have nightmares with them

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I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation. Yes, mental illness can be genetic. My mom has manic-depression and we've had a suicide in our family. It's hard to think that even if I had the perfect life, I might have still developed depression and anxiety because it's in my genes.

I hope you enjoy yourself and don't worry about next week.

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Thanks so much everyone :)

Hen- Thanks!! lol who knows? We could be :)

Whatcha- Haha yeah that would be a fun experience trying to get a bear through airport security :D Wow that's the biggest thing with airports, the security lines are always a pain.

Absent- Yeah it's weird isn't it? I'm sure the relative (a distant cousin, but blood relation) is homeless, or possibly worse. My mom hasn't heard from him in years.

You're very right about healthy fear! You really helped me put that in perspective :)

Jojin- I know what you mean. Just like many other types of illness mental illness can be caused by genes.

Thanks for your kind words :) I'm trying hard to focus on now rather than next week.

I have to say I feel bad having fun while others on DF are not...but my brother and I are taking plenty of pics that I'll share with you all soon. Hopefully that'll help others forget some of their problems.

Thanks so much to all of you! :)


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