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July 4Th, Insomnia, Etc.



So July 4th is Independence day in the US, for those who don't know :)

It's actually a holiday that I used to love as a kid. My family would put on a fireworks display and have a cookout.

So for a few hours my brother, his gf and I went down to the Shenandoah River, which is about 4 miles from my house.

They went swimming but I just relaxed on the shore and walked around a bit. There were a few other people on the river. Oh and the weather was brutally hot!

Overall it was quite fun :)

Unfortunately I've been getting very little sleep lately. I slept for a mere two hours this morning, and attempted (unsuccessfully) to sleep some more this evening.

It's a very weird and unpleasant feeling to be on such little sleep. The world looks...weird. Kinda unreal, like a dream.

To complicate that a bit I took my last Klonopin today. I can't get it refilled until tomorrow night :( I'm usually pretty good at making my prescriptions last the full 30 days, but not this time. I normally take 1mg total per day. The pills are .5mg so I took a half dose with nothing to take for the next 19 hours or so.

It's a scary thought for me not to have my Klonopin at the ready. I never know when my anxiety might amp up. And with the insomnia, well I hope I can make it til tomorrow evening without freaking out!

Thanks for reading.



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I hope you can be okay until you get your prescription! Must be pay day for you too. I have about $21 in my checking account until the check hits!!

I'm glad you had fun yesterday. You must not be that far from me if you're going to the Shenandoah River. :)

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Thanks for the hug Shmooey, I really needed that :)

Actually it's more of a car thing for me (though money is always a problem as well). I neglected to tell my brother that I needed to get my script filled and he won't be home with the car for a few more hours...

...only a few more hours now, I can make it! :)

Yeah the Shenandoah is beautiful isn't it? I love it out here :) It's very peaceful.

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