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So I've developed this really weird habit lately. For example I'll be waiting in line at the pharmacy or other store, and then I'll think of something really funny and have to restrain myself from bursting out in laughter. It doesn't really depend on my mood, as it'll happen when I'm anxious and depressed. The other day my brother and I were at a fast food drive-thru, and as he was ordering, I couldn't help it and started to laugh uncontrollably!! I guess it's kinda funny, but now whenever I'm at the store I start to think about thinking about something funny, and that's enough to send me into near hysterics! It's really weird, but I suppose it's better than bursting out crying!


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I developed a similar habit on the onset of my depression. When I'd be alone I'd very often come up with very weird and extreme thoughts that were hysterical to me, but that would be very difficult to understand for someone else. I think it has to do with releasing anxiety and taking a step back from problems. It's a strength.

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