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Name EileenSex Female DOB '63Location ScotlandI have suffered depression on and ever since childhood and had a very unhappy childhood (felt alone even in family, not accepted, not wanted, not loved, no friends, bullied etc). First recognizable depression was around 14 years old, first diagnoses at 19. Diagnosed in 2001 with recurring depression (dysthymia it has been called by some drs) and a personality disorder. At that time I started cutting, taking overdoses and attempted suicide many times.I have been seeing a psychiatrist since September 2001, had 1 year of individual psychotherapy till the dr retired, and have been at the Therapeutic Community since September 2003 (will be leaving in January 2006). I married at 20 and was divorced by 30. I went to university as a mature student and got an BSc in Computing, had a job for a year, got sacked (long story sexual harassement, discrimination etc), got an MSc then worked as a Computer Programmer in the Civil Service . I have had a few periods of sick leave because of depression but the main periods of leave have been since 2001, been on long term sick leave since May 2003. After my marriage failed I had a few relationships, but nothing really worked out and finally made up my mind to stop having relationships. From about 2000 I've isolated myself from friends and keep myself to myself. I stopped socialising and even now find it hard to go out. I rarely go out except for food, the TC and drs appointments. To get me out for a meal or a drink is a major achievement. Found www.DepressionForums.org in June or July 2001 and have been here ever since.

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