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Fly High (Break-Up Poem)



i was the thorn in your side

i was the shadow and you were the light

i was the fall, you're the pride

you were the moon and i was the night

never deserved all your love

you never deserved all the pain

you were the branch and the dove

and i was the gilded cage

now it's time for me to open the latch;

fly away now and find safer ground

fly so high that you'll make me proud

and enjoy the new land you've found

and if sometime you think of me,

i'll only be so lucky for that

and if sometime you're in need of me

i'll never be so worthy of that

one day you'll find the right one

and she'll be the stars to your sky

and she'll be the wife and the mom

but until then, my dear, fly high


Recommended Comments

Oh, evalynn, this is so beautifully written. I'm so glad that you cared for him so much and hope for him the best, but it seems to discredit the good you did in the relationship as well. I know it's probably just where you're at and what you're feeling, but don't forget to remember the good you brought to the relationship as well. I know what a wonderful person you are and I'm confident he was very fortunate to be in a relationship with you. Please let me know if you need anything. (((Hugs)))

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