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A Reflection On The Passing Of Another Year



Another year, another opportunity. Whether that opportunity will lead to success or failure is an unknown. Whether i grab that opportunity or let it slip through my fingers like sand is also something I can't predict at this time. The only thing I truly know is this: time doesn't stand still. It is the only thing I know to be constantly in flux. Ironically, it never quite feels consistent. Sometimes it runs, sometimes it crawls, sometimes it lurches at an agonizingly slow pace. It seems to slow to a death march when I am most in need of a fast waltz. Then, it jets off like a cheetah when I want to stop and enjoy my moment in the sun.

I suppose it feels like another year has passed. Looking back on it now, I can't seem to locate any great moments that defined it. For the most part, it was largely a disappointment. Or, maybe I should say that I disappointed myself? In 365 days, I missed an opportunity to really turn things around for myself. In fact, things seem to be getting worse. Will the next 365 bring any real change? That's up to me, I guess. Time will tell.


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Evalynn, i was thinking about how resistant to change relates to depression the other day. This reminded me of it. In this world we are kind of forced to adapt to change, and how we react/cope with it sort of becomes our reality and sets the path for the future. I feel like i've wasted the past year(s) to an extent. I haven't made much progress and i've had some setbacks. But i hope we can both see some light for the new year and make it a better year than this one has been. *cheers* ;)

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Phalseuphoria, first of all, thanks for being my first commenter. :-) Secondly, I agree with your statement about our resistance to change. I spend (or I should say, waste!) a great deal of time dreading the future and all the changes it will bring. Thanks for giving me something to think about. I wish all the best for you this year and beyond.

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