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meter reader knocks twice

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Well today I got to read the report that the director of the TC has written. Basically it says that because of the severe childhood adversities, that I will probably always have mental health problems, according to research into TCs and psychotherapy they are optimistic that I will continue to improve but they can't say how well it will be; also that I will need continuing support/follow up once I leave the TC. Can't remember much more. I had asked the director to word the report in a way that left my options open. I'm going to think about this and will talk to him tomorrow or the next day about the report. I talked about the report to someone at Rosebank Cottage and he suggests that I ask for something to be added in about my going back to work would be helped if they were to make adjustments necessary for my mental health. The welfare officer for my organisation is of the opinion that I am rude and she will not accept that I may have had some problems because of my illness. She is not accepting that as a reason and just says that there is no excuse for being rude. I haven't explained that very well, but thats the gist. When I got home there was a meter read at the main door. I got into my flat and when he called at the door a few minutes later, I just ignored the knocking. I didn't want a gas meter reader in my messy bedroom. I prefer to have some advance warning and 2 minutes isn't enough. I don't like having strangers in my home.

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