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Things Seem To Be Going A Bit Better!


Entry posted by %s


Although I just had to take extra headache meds this morning, things do seem to be going OK. About 24 hours after my Remicade infusion I started feeling better physically, and by Sunday I didn't have to use my cane. WhooHoo!

This is a bit of a hectic week for me because my second sister had total shoulder replacement surgery yesterday (Mon). I am taking off Wed and Thurs to drive up to stay with her. She's about an hour and a half from me. That has messed up my work schedule for the week and I'm working at times I don't normally, and I'll have to work a couple of Saturdays to make up for the two days off. But, it'll all work out.

I don't really care how complicated my week is, I wanted to help my sister! She stayed in the hospital overnight and will get to go home later today. I'll actually drive out there tonight after work so she won't have to spend the night by herself. I'll stay through Thurs evening. The main concern for her is the possibility of falling because she will be doped up on Percoset (sp?).

Thankfully, the weather seems to be cooling off a tad bit! Only in Texas could you say that 93F is cool! LOL! But, it's been 103 to 105 all summer, so 93 IS cooler! The best thing though, is that it's cooler at night. This morning it was 63F! WhooHoo! I actually sat out on my back porch this morning and it was fantastic! I am so sick of hot weather you just cannot imagine.

I decided to pack up all my painting gear and take it to my sister's house. My easel is a portable one that I bought to use when I go on my painting trip in March. So, I needed to take it down and set it up a few times anyway. It folded up pretty easily and although it's heavy, it's not horribly heavy. I mean, I wouldn't want to carry it for two hours, but in and out of the car will be OK. My sister had requested I paint a specific painting for her, so I'm going to work on it while I'm at her house.

I'll be taking her a Boredom Basket too, which is filled with fun little toys and activities. We always did this when we were traveling as kids. It was called a Boredom Box then, but now it's a Basket! I made the basket for her and then my other sisters and I filled it up with goodies. I'll deliver it to her tonight when I get there.

I guess that's about it for now. I won't be online as much this week because of being at my sisters. She has Internet, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to logon. So, I'll let you all know how it went next week sometime!

Love to all!

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You are so thoughtful! You even made the actual basket. Wow!

I hope you and your sister have a good time together. I know it's not the best circumstances, but I know how close I am with my family.

Don't worry about logging on - just enjoy every moment with her! Glad to hear things are better for you too. :smile:

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i am very glad to hear this =)

You are such a beautiful soul. Making nice this for your sister is such a lovely gesture. I hope that you have a fantastic time with you sister and i am looking forward to the update when you back!


thank you for all the support recently aswell =) *hugzz*

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