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New Meds(Sort Of)

Lady Mozzer


I had an appointment with the pdoc today.Thank God I got to see my regular one.I like him he`s nice.I never want to see the other one they put me with last month.He asked me how I was doing and I told him I was up and down .Which isn`t good.I told him I have excess energy sometimes and have trouble sleeping.And when I get like that I hurt myself.I think that was a big step to tell him about that.He changed some of my meds.I am still taking cymbalta and seroquel and lorazapam at night.He put me back on the Geodon.He also really wants me to see a therapist.I suppose I`ll have to look into that now and see if it`s covered.I was feeling so tired today that when I got home from my appointment I just crawled back into the bed.Hopefully things will get better.I really hope so.


My Only Mistake Is I`m Hoping



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I just started therapy and had a positive experience.with it. I'm not covered either, but I'm making it a priority and go when I can.

If you can, give it a try, you may be surprised what you can learn from it.

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