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On The Sleep Workshop



I'm angry. How is this possible. Out of more than 20 people I will have the completely different experience and opinion. So the workshop was great, but it's not gonna help me. It was looking into technics for relaxin and for anxiety, but i don't have those problems when sleeping.

There was a sleep diary that we all had to feel out the week before the seminar and everybody found out that they sleep more than they think. ME? THE OPPOSITE.

There is a technic about reducing the ammount of sleep so when you deprive yourself your body will need to sleep and will get into a more normal sleeping cicle. Well of course it is more complicated and it is logical. But OPPOSITE TO THIS LOGIC the less time I need to spend in bed the less I sleep. The more tired I am the less I sleep. As someone that has problems for their hole life I have discovered bymyself that I do nede dark, quite and chilled room but if I don't have problems relaxing I don't really need relaxation technics. So at the end everybody picked up for something for themselves, it's just me that don't need all of this.

I feel so stupid now. What the **** is wrong with me!!!??? I'm not insomniac, but I know when I'm just tired and when I'm tired and had a bad night sleep, and no I'm not judging in the first 20 minutes I wake up. And I odn't need cbt cause I don't have thoughts preventing me from sleeping. I am absolutely happy and relaxed in my bed.

And what do I do now? (headbang)


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