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Always Busy, Always Going...



I am one of those very busy people that can hardly ever sit still. I have learned how to meditate but now don't have time to do it! LOL! I am trying to make myself sit out on my back porch and enjoy the wonderful weather we have here right now. It won't last, and the hot season will be on us before too long.

I am sitting out and loving it! When I got home yesterday I did go out in the yard too, and pulled a few weeds. Even just 15 minutes helps and makes me feel better about getting things done. I'm a list-maker and nothing makes me happier than crossing things off my To-Do list! But, its very hard for me to sit and "do nothing" for a few minutes. But, I'm going to work on myself. I need to pause in my life and do nothing for a few minutes.


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