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Need Help To Concentrate



I've started a book like a month ago. Today I tried a little bit of reading with no luck!

The moment I open the pages I start thinking about food or all the other things I have to do and feel guilty. because I'm reading and not doing them,

If I close the book and try to concentrate my mind wonders off at my to come appointment with the therapist.

If I actually try to read my eyes go over the words but my mind is not there and I have no idea what I am reading.I start every sentence over and over again and it gives me a great distress. I am in this state almost a 100% of the time and it is really stressing me that I can't do the things I want!

So how can I concentrate? Any ideas? Any help?


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I know it's hard to not let your mind wonder, but whenever you feel it start to wonder just drop the thought your about to have and focus on your reading. Also don't try to think too much about it because you'll be thinking "i need to focus on reading" all the time instead of actually reading lol Relax and let the words sink into your mind. Also what i like to do is go into a quite room and turn on the fan. This was you have no distractions but at the same time its not dead quiet. I hope this helps, good luck!

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