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One of the most awful things for me is the realization of my inability to perform any daily tasks.

The most awful thing is to realize it over and over again.

I can't accept it yet! Mental illness.

Guilt. I carry you all my life.

Anger. I use you to substitute disparity.

I am depression,

I breath loneliness,

I dream of terror,

I am the abuser,

the manipulator,

the lier.

Expect me to come with a smile.

but with me will come the storm.

not the one after which the sun will shine.

I leave nothing behind me,

but ruined lives.

This is my essence.

To rob you from your hope.

To crush your dreams.

To shift the ground under you feet

untill you quit trying to get up.

I am your worst nightmare disguised as an innocent child.

You will give me shelter,

but I will bring you hell.

This is my essence.

My true nature.

My burden and my uniqueness.

I am the pretty little flower that will poison the air you breath


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