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My First Week On Prozac

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This first week on Prozac has been kind of strange. I suffered from severe anxiety before I started it, and it has seemed to really increase that anxiety. I also have had diarrhea and difficulty sleeping in. I have been waking up at least an hour to two hours before my alarm clock goes off and no matter what I do I can't go back to sleep. I feel like getting up and going for a run because I have so much energy.

Since I've been practicing the mindfulness that my psychologist suggested I am able to keep myself from freaking out at how much anxiety I have - that has helped me calm myself down. The six and seventh days that I was on the Prozac the anxiety seemed to lessen a bit, and I actually slept in a little today, which is nice because I really needed it.

Yesterday I increased to 40mg (two 20mg pills) and so far I haven't seen the crazy spike in anxiety, which makes me really happy. If I feel the major change like I did at the end of the first week, I think I will be really glad that I finally decided to get on the AD.

I have heard that AD can make people appear as zomies, but all it seems it has done to me is increase my ability to control my emotions, or at least not be overcome by them and then get rolled into a panic attack. My mind is still a crazy madhouse, but with the AD, I have more control on how I emotionally react to what is going on in my mind. When I feel the anxiety coming on I just take a deep breath and watch it until it passes. I have also been doing a lot of journaling and identifying some of the things that make me depressed, and instead of trying to act normal or push it down, I just let myself cry and tell myself it will be ok. I think the most important thing right now for me is self love and self nourishment...it really does help.hearthrob.gif

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hello franccesca, i'm glad that prozac is working for you. I was on it a few months ago, and during my first and second weeks, I felt like I was on a cloud. I walked around with a huge smile on my face and for once I felt like the sun was shining upon me.

I have also started keeping a journal, which i think is good because it gives you a chance to jot down your feeling, emotions, and anything that's going on with you at that time. Then, you can always go back to entries in your journal and notice that you've made progress.

Good luck on your recovery, and I hope prozac continues to work for you. :)

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