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I actually had trouble figuring out how to add an entry. I wasn't meant to blog.

I nearly lost one of my best friends yesterday-my laptop. I think I had a virus & I installed Avast & not 24 hours later, I get a threat detected message. Click on it to see what it is & ....... black screen with cursor blinking in the upper left hand corner. I'm only thinking about all I am losing....again & what the hell am I going to do if I have to buy a new one (can't afford it).

So I mess with the BIOS (mind you, I don't really know what I am doing, but I can't let it go). No luck. My roommate who usually fixes these things for me is out of town for the week. I send him urgent text messages & call him even though I know he is working & its inconvenient. Tells me I need to find my OS CD. Good god. I don't know where that stupid thing is from the last time. (Last time a WINDOWS UPDATE took me out). He has a box of drivers & junk, but I need my reinstall O/S CD. I find a couple of CD's & even after staring at 2 Dell disks, can't manage to understand that one of them is in fact the Windows installation CD. It looked just as generic as the driver CD so I didn't know.

I got Windows back up & running. I just installed it right on top of the old one. Fortunately, unlike last time, I somehow managed to not overwrite my documents, some of which are for work.

I am lost with out my saved passwords & everything is running slow as dirt. I know what I have to do--what my roommate told me I should do, sooner rather than later. Just reformat the whole thing & do a fresh install. I am afraid I haven't found & hoarded all the files I need or might need or might not realize I might need. So, I'm stalling. I don't trust myself to not mess this up & he won't be home till Friday. I don't want to have to get out of bed to work. I really want this thing cleaned up though. I have about 5 gigs of harddrive space left from 53 gigs. I don't know where it is. All my pictures & music are on a separate network server. I really have to stop downloading so much free software & office templates.

I am thinking of taking the plunge. I don't know if I can remember how to turn the wireless back on & reconnect to the network to get on line. Even though he walked me through it just yesterday. I'm going to go spelunking for files I don't want to lose.

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Good luck.

I hate computers. They're just problems. (Too bad they pay so well and I can make a living off it! But coming home to the wife or kids saying that they have a problem and need me to fix it...great, just spent all day doing that, just what I want to walk into at home. See, blogging is great, let's you vent to strangers!)


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