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This Isn't The End

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And so ends another depressed filled day in the life of me. But this isn't the end because 2marrow is a new day. yay (i say "yay" with a strong hint of sarcasm). I'm seriously considering changing my college major... again. Let's look at the stats shall we?

1.)Computer animation/ computer technician

2.)Electrical engineering- focus on communication equipment & electronic repair, minor in Japanese

3.)Liberal Arts, minor in Japanese

4.)International business, minor in Japanese


I'm thinking about stop bulls***ting with myself and just major in Japanese because none of the classes i'm taking now truly interest me the way Japanese classes have.

My plan was to major in something else because with a Japanese degree, the only thing i can really do is either teach or translate. At this point, i'm probably going to have a s***ty time learning business, so I might as well study what I want. Plus, I was looking at some jobs, and they want you to have a degree. Hell, you could have a degree in basket weaving, they just want to see if you went to college. With that in mind, I might as well study what I want and do what I want, screw what anyone else thinks, because in the end, it's my life and I'm the only one who has to live with me.

I never have been one to listen to what other people say, so why should I start now. Even if I end up jobless, at least I can say I gave it my all with something, rather than getting a job just by half assing with something i don't really care about just to have employment. I guess it's because i'm single with no kids that i can live my life so freely, selfishly, and nonchalantly. :rolleyes:

I think i'll just finish this semester and go back to change my major yet again. I think this one will work since even though i'm not taking any Japanese related coursework, i still spend much of my free time learning Japanese language, culture, and history. Plus, with this major, i'll get to pick a lot of electives, so all the courses i've taken thus far can go towards my degree. I feel enlightened. :rolleyes:

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