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About this blog

In this blog I want to share my experiences along my journey with depression and anxiety. 

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If the worse-case scenario happened, we lost everything. Would you still be there with me? I believe I've identified one of my biggest fears, the reason for my little stint with anxiety the past couple days, and it is a pretty common one. The fear of failure. There is a huge responsibility that I carry. I have a family to provide for. Whenever there is the slightest possibility that something could disrupt the foundation I've built, I become uneasy. To release the weight I feel on my


In continuation of my last blog post, but more derivative... Anxiety. Depression seems like a life long battle, but when anxiety rears its ugly head it really cripples me. Everything stops. In fact, it was anxiety that led me to the doctor; therefore prescriptions, in the past. Yesterday, I felt a bit of anxiety for the first time since I was going through the medication dance earlier this year. It concerns me. Sometimes the reasoning for anxiety is out of my reach. It lies somewhere


So in May, after being on Trintillex for a while, I decided to quit anti-depressants. After some pretty-intense anxiety started springing up; and the Sertraline (Zoloft) I was taking for years wasn't cutting it anymore, I went through a pretty disruptive trail and error of medications and anti-depressants with my doctor. But when Trintillex wasn't working well for me, I decided enough was enough and I was going to fight through this some other way. As risky as it was to let things ju
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