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My resolutions for '52 Small Steps' on The Mighty (dot com, a mental health support website). 

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Week of Wed, September 11th

Wed, Sept 11th   640am, 72F, .54miles/9 mins, hr 144 Thu, Sept 12th  skipped so far (a.m.) Fri, Sept 13th  630am, 68F,  .54miles/9 mins, hr 160 Sat, Sept 14th  skipped Sun, Sept 15th  mowed for an hour - 40 mins, break, 15 mins, break, 15 mins done.  It really nearly did me in. And temps only got up to about 86F.  Mon, Sept 16th Tue, Sept 17th   Sept. 11th - my old family doc retired and I saw my new doc - a Physician's Assistant. She started me on a reall

Week of Wed, September 4th

Sorry for dropping the ball with this walking thing - I've been struggling quite a lot internally lately.  Wed Sept 4th  @700am - .54miles/10 minutes - nice and cool, about 68F, hr 136 Thu Sept 5th  @700am - .26 miles/5 minutes - 69F, hr 148 Fri Sept 6th  @710am - .54 miles/9 minutes - 68F, hr 160 Sat Sept 7th  @710am - .54 miles/9 minutes- 69F, hr 144 Sun Sept 8th missed  😕 Mon Sept 9th  missed 😕 Tue Sept 10th  @640am - .54 miles/10 minutes - 79F, hr 156




Week of Aug. 28th

You all have my apologies for my inconsistency and struggle the last couple weeks or so.... I feel like I let you guys down when I cannot get out and walk.  Sometimes it's all I can do just to wake up and breathe, you know?  Wed Aug 28th - .54 miles/9 minutes - hr 144 taken near end; 700am, @72F Thu Aug 29th - .54 miles/9 minutes - hr 148 taken near end; 630am, @74F  Fri Aug 30  missed - rainy before & after work Sat Aug 31 - missed - rainy, car show made things too crowd

Week of Aug. 21st

I've really been struggling lately.  It was all I could do just to get up this morning... I nearly didn't get out, and then only for about five minutes and because I thought of it as a mindfulness exercise.  I am thinking of trying beginner hiit - there's a group called HasFit that has a free youtube video of cardio hiit for beginners.  It's 30 minutes, and I don't think I'm up for that, so I think I might alternate walking with 15 minutes of that.  I think I might be getting bored of my routine

Week of Aug. 14th

I'm trying to figure out if I can retroactively give certain others permissions to add their own progress to my blog entries, besides in the comments. So far, I have not had any luck. I don't want to scrap the progress I've tracked so far, though.  Sorry.  Feel free to post your progress in the comments. Part of last week I went to see one of my kids, so I wasn't very good at all about posting progress. For that, apologies.  I didn't even take my laptop, lol.  A real vacay.   My schedule wa

Week of Aug 7th

LOL I keep forgetting that Wednesday is my day to start a new entry... This week has been a little messed up so far, but I'm still trying to keep up with it. I've decided to give myself a rest day every 6 days or so.  I cannot explain how achy everything is. I"m not sure I'm doing the right thing by keeping up with this. But how could simple walking be bad?  Maybe I need to drink more Gatorade or try vitamins or something. Wednesday, Aug. 7th  treadmill 35 mins total - 20 mins @3.2mph on 1.

Week of July 31st

I am starting a new routine.  I botched the old one last weekend, but I'm telling myself that's okay.  My youngest wants to work out at the gym, too.  So I am starting a new routine of working out at the gym after work so she can go too. I prefer the treadmill because my pace is really inconsistent otherwise. My first day doing that was yesterday.  This morning I still got up early and did a few minutes of yoga.  Only 7 minutes, but I'm working into it. I was able to spend most of the morning re

Week of July 24th

Okay, so we are back to the exhaustion.  And now I have a cold sore. Yuck. Thanks for nothing, stress. But I am practically ready to send my first report in - some final details, and off it goes for better or worse.   Wed July 24th  .83mi/14 mins - getting closer to my old time, before my ankle started bothering me Thu July 25th  after work; took me 17 mins to walk .77 miles. Not too far off my time, but I was in a lot of pain that evening Fri July 26th  .79mi/15 mins - loade

Week of July 17th

It's dark days.... It's all I can do to get myself out there.  It's all I can do to take a shower every three days. Thank god I work in an office.  I've been doing my minimal route - about 5-7 minutes, depending on how my ankle is feeling.  God, I love hormones.  Not.  I really need some positivity and encouragement this week.                                            Wed July 17th   .28mi/6 mins - so hard to get out.... Thu July 18th   .28mi/6 mins - and a shower

Week of July 10th

21 days!!!!!! Don't think you cannot do it..... you can!  (  @JD4010  @Depressedgurl007   @nojoy  @Natasha1   ) Anything you can do is better than nothing..... End of the driveway?  End of the block?  Awesome!       Wed July 10   1.1 mi/19 mins - my Pacer app mysteriously deducted .3 miles, but I'm using the distance that comes up most often. Thurs July 11   1.35 mi/25 mins - 530 this morning - I am maybe starting to get better about getting up ins

Week of Wednesday, July 3rd

Wow!  Today (July 3rd) makes 14 straight days of me getting up and walking in the morning!!!!!                     I'm not actually sure if Dean would approve, but I"m pretty sure he would appreciate the effort.  Okay, so he probably wouldn't care, but it helps to think he might. I almost didn't get out and walk because my ankle has flared up again.  But I told myself to just get out and walk my short 5 minute walk, and once I got outside - an hour earlier than usua

Week of Wednesday, June 26th

Well, I've been battling ankle pain and stiffness - I am using the insoles my family doc recommended, and it has helped the pain in my heel and foot sole tremendously. I still have places of weakness in my ankle, doc says this is basically an old injury flaring up. In addition, our car went into the shop Tuesday June 25th, hopefully we get it back by tomorrow.  Bad bearings in the tires and some loose wires in the ABS system.  So wow, thank you Higher Power for keeping us safe thus far.  Anyway,

Starting Over...

I feel like I'm starting over with my walking regimen.  And I guess I am. I missed so much - about a month, I think - that I essentially am back to square one.  I am trying to look at it as a chance to reset my thinking.  For now, my goal is to get out and walk for 9 minutes every morning when I get up.  I'm reminding myself that 9 minutes is better than no minutes. Likewise, 5 or 6 minutes is better than no minutes. I'm trying to work myself up to a 15 minute minimum by about mid July.  At that

Progress... Sort Of

I made it around my 3/4 mile loop. It took me 15 minutes, and I still had some ankle pain near the end, but I did it.  I am hoping to be able to do that every day.  I don't know how long I'll have to keep it up before I can extend time or distance. I guess when I get to the point where I don't have any ankle/heel pain or discomfort, I'll extend it. I hate leaving it that open, because it's too easy to just keep delaying progress.  Wednesday, May 12th    .81 miles/16 minutes  (Gojira) T

A Stumbling Block...

Just wanted to update anyone who might accidentally give a f*ck or two.... I have been experiencing quite an irritating amount of heal and ankle pain in my left foot.  To the point that I can barely walk.  I talked to my doc and he says plantar fasciitis.  I've got some shoe insoles he recommended, and I'm looking at exercises for my foot.  I hope I can get back into walking soon. I may have to start out much slower than I want to.  I think I might need to build up to what I was doing (20-25mins

Week of Monday, April 15th

My biggest lesson lately has also been my hardest - learning to forgive myself when I fall short.  I have problem forgiving others; it's just me I never seem to accept 'reasons' for.  I either pass or I fail.  Believe it or not that's an improvement from years ago when I had to exceed my goals or fail.  Yep.  I could meet my goals and still manage to see myself as a failure.  I have a real talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory - it's a tough one to overcome.  Monday, April 15

Week of Monday, April 8th

I've missed quite a bit the last couple weeks - either being sick, or walking so much last Saturday that my hips just ached for a day or so.  Monday, April 8th- 1.56 miles, 30 mins - on the way home after work @530, it was nearly 90F, so I was actually in the beginning stages of heat exhaustion when I got home.  Weenie me, I know. Tuesday, April 9th- yay for the gym - 60  mins, 3.1 miles on the treadmill.  30 mins with heartrate at 145-148; 20 mins with heartrate at 133-140; 10 mins wi

Week of Monday, April 1st

I've been sick since Saturday, so I've missed several days already. I had to take off work yesterday from feeling like crap.  It's just a bad cold, but I've had a low grade fever, mondo aches & chills, and the sinus drainage is making me queasy.  Too much fun for me.  It's back to the grindstone, even though I dont feel much better. Doubt I will make my workout or walk today either. Monday, April 1- missed walking or workout due to being sick; also missed work Tuesday, April 2- sti

Week of Monday, March 25th

My schedule has just been off the last couple weeks. Here's this week: Monday, March 25- 2.78 miles in 49.5 mins Tuesday, March 26- 1.69 miles in 39 mins Wednesday, March 27- lots of shin and heel pain - .81 miles in 15 mins Thursday, March 28- trying to take it easy for shin and heel pain - walk home from work - .81 miles in 15 mins Friday, March 29- missed - shin and heel pain was intense last night even though I took it easy Saturday, March 30- missed any sort of

Week of Monday, March 18th

Last week was crazy for me.... out of town conference, sitting in classes all day, away from hubby... completely thrown out of my routine. I didn't sleep very much or very well.  Anyway, here's this week. We're undergoing renovations at work right now, so things are up in the air there, too. Monday, March 18- it was beautiful here, so I took the long way home; 30 minutes, 1.56 miles Tuesday, March 19- chance of rain after work, so hubby & I went to the gym; 30 mins treadmill (7 min

Week of Monday, March 11th

Later this week I will be at a work conference in the Big City.  That is my idea of a nightmare, not to mention that I'm out of anxiety meds and reduced to taking 2 Benadryl every 4 hours until my re-up appointment Wed. Mon Mar 11- walked just over 1.6 miles in 30 minutes Tues Mar 12-  (my late day at work) Wed Mar 13- (re-up appt) travel to conference (2.5 hours one way) 30 minutes on treadmill at 3.7mph Thur Mar 14- missed - conference Fri Mar 15- missed (travel home f

Week of Monday March 4th

I am really not feeling well this morning - I had canned chili last night and it's not agreeing with me. Ugh. At least I've managed to get up earlier in preparation for the stupid time change Sunday.  Anyway, here is this week.... Monday, March 4th- 35 minutes easy yoga for beginners; Tuesday, March 5th- missed a workout - spent the day out of town at a workshop Wednesday, March 6th- walked 1.6 miles in 30 minutes Thursday, March 7th- out sick - does running to the bathroom c

Week of Monday Feb 25th

The time change will be upon me all too soon - I hate it. I hate it not only because I lose an hour a day, but because here in the Midwestern US the 'fall back' time fits my Circadian Rhythm much better. So come spring, I'm always a little exhausted - I looked it up, its something like chronic fatigue, only caused by having to live a schedule that's just a little bit (hour or so) off your natural Circadian Rhythm.  It turns out it's just as exhausting as it feels, losing that stupid little hour.

Trying to update my progress....

Been having problems with this blog - but only this blog.  LOL, it's probably me, but heck if I know what I'm doing 'wrong'. Anyway, I've been having problems copy/pasting, so I"m going to laboriously re-type it all.  Ugh. 1 lap = @.83 miles 1.5 laps = @1.44 miles (shortcut) or @1.46 miles (long way) 2/11  21m, 1 lap 2/12  23m, 1.5 laps (short) 2/14  22m, 1.5 laps (short) 2/15  16m, 1 lap 2/18  22m workout 2/19  25m workout 2/20  32m,  1.5 laps (

I'm Doing It, Sort Of....

[I've been trying without success to post in this blog since Feb 21st... there is more to add, but I currently am not able to add anything. I was lucky to be able to do this much.] Update since Feb 4th, I've either walked or worked out 8 times.  I finally developed my own little 20 minute workout, which sadly enough is all I can handle right now.  So I either walk for 20-25 minutes (I manage either 1.23miles or 1.46 miles respectively) or I do my little workout for 20 minutes.  I have a 'wa
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