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About this blog

It's only the beginning now

...a pathway yet unknown.

At times the sound of other steps

...sometimes we walk alone.


The best beginnings of out lives

May sometimes end in sorrow,

but even on our darkest days,

the sun will shine tomorrow.


So we must do our very best 

whatever life may bring,

and look beyond the winter chill

to smell the breath of spring.


Into each life will always come,

a time to start anew,

a new beginning for each heart

as fresh as morning dew.


Although the cares of life are great

and heads are bowed so low,

the storms of life will leave behind

the wonder of a rainbow.

Entries in this blog

It's time to be positive

2017 has been a terrible year so far.  I have spent 6 weeks of it in the hospital after attempting suicide in January while the doctors have tried to adjust my meds and get them right.  I have bipolar, anxiety, sever depression and PTSD.  I am starting to do much better now, but it has taken so much out of me to get to this point.  So much guilt has consumed me as I have been away from my husband and teenage daughter.  I spend so much time wishing things have been different.  I find myself havin



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