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Posting things just for gags and laughs....

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Uniquely Oklahoma....

Okay, now it's time for me to stump anyone who's not from Oklahoma.  I'm going to share a Christmas jingle with you that is uniquely Oklahoma... If you have lived in Oklahoma for at least a couple of decades,  or better yet, you were born here and lived here most of your life, you will recognize this jingle as a unique sign that the Christmas holidays are upon us..... If you are not from Oklahoma, you'll very likely say What. The. Actual. F*ck?! Enjoy!!  And no, it's not a mistake....   😜 https://youtu.be/5LJBB65r-9o  

Whew, That Was A Close One...

Yesterday was... Heck.  We think I had a precipitous hormone drop; when I got home from work, I slept. Until bed time, then I ate, and slept some more.  Feel better this morning, so here we are... Hope you get a giggle from these. This is highly appropriate for my area - Midwestern US.  There are literally more deer than people where I live, LOL.    And I love Deadpool, he's my favorite, the smartarse......... He's only saying what we're all thinking..... And for all the dog / animal lovers out there, I feel like this is highly appropriate....        

Irreverent Humor...

Oh if you're easily offended, please find another blog to read. If you have other ideas about evolution and whatever, this is not a chance for debate. It's supposed to be humor.  If you're too angry to find the funny, then you need to re-examine your coping methods.    



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