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About this blog

My life has had so many ups and downs. I have followed the road less traveled all my life, meaning my own individual path. This is a blog about those ups and downs and being on the road less traveled. 


Entries in this blog

Why do bad things always happen to me?

I've been in a toxic work environment for 2.5 years in total. I was laid off a year ago and they hired me back on this past April. I came back to escape a far worse environment that I desperately needed to escape from. So I went from one bad company back to another. Why does this seem to always happen to me? I've had the WORST luck with jobs - over and over and over again, I land in a toxic work environment, with bully bosses and/or bullying co-workers.  Since being hired back on, my former


RiverLight in Employment

I had a curse on my career, and now it's removed

My personal Angels told me, once I asked, that I had a curse on my career, so I had them remove it.  Well, now, this makes PERFECT sense to me, because I've had one misfortune after another with my career throughout my entire life. I have felt that a force beyond myself and within the universe was at play. A negative force. And there was!!!!  I had been told two years ago as well that there was a curse by an astrologist/spiritualist. I did a curse removal ritual to get rid of it, but i


RiverLight in Employment

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