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Sometimes when I'm really around my lowest periods I seem more witty to friends. When I am with people I'm extra gregarious and joke a lot more - generally give off more charisma. It must make it hard for them to understand how hard things really are. I don't know why I do it or how to stop. Maybe it isn't a bad thing? I mean at least by putting on the mask I am getting out... Maybe that will help me long term? Things really are different when I go back to being by myself and I don't think livin



Some Of Where I Am

Today I didn't manage to eat much, but I did take some vitamins and drank some Complan. Everything is feeling so dark, I've been really scaring myself. For ages I was in denial about things, which isn't good, but at least I could keep going. I was trying to recover from having a short relationship with a sociopath. They moved in and suddenly I was a prisoner in my own house. I managed to fight them away. But they way my family and some friends reacted was so hurtful. It was that which felt the m



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