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Important. Webmaster, Technician, Support, needed.



Dear Members,

Help wanted!

This community is being operated now by fewer than 5 volunteers. This is unheard of for a site this size.

If this continues we possibly will have to close Depression Forums down by the end of the YEAR. 

We are finding it more difficult to do this ALONE.

We urgently need TECHNICAL HELP to keep it alive for certain.

Please ask around as we need help from members with some, (not all), experience in:







As well as Community Assistant/Support Staff, Moderators, needed. 

We truly need this help to keep Depression Forums going for you our Members and thousands of other people

that join daily or just pass through.

 In order to do that we need help, your help badly!

Whether it be in monthly donations or finding a way to donate some of your TIME, it is very simple.

We really do need a SEO/Tech/Webmaster to get DF back on her feet as

DF has been STRUGGLING ever since Lioninwinter, our Webmaster, passed away.

 Should any Member know of a Technician/Developer that would DONATE some 

amount of time to Depressionforums.org please send them this way.

We often hear the words "LIFE CHANGING" about Depression Forums, HELPING people, who otherwise would not have been able to cope.

We have been here for you, our Members, since our inception in 2001.  Please, be here for DF. 

Members are able to talk to their Peers about their illnesses and medications using our website as a stepping stone enabling

to finally go to a Psychiatrist or Therapist for the Very First time and get the HELP that they need without Fear. 

It really does take a VILLAGE.  

We care about YOU.  

Thank you for listening.

The Depression Forums Administration 

Please PM Lindsay or email  [email protected]



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