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Hi! Please Help Our New Members.

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Forum Admin

Since 2001,
Depression Forums has improved the lives of people with Mental Illness and their Families. 
Your Generosity Is making it possible.
With our informational website, our caring, our Peer to Peer Support, Depression Forums touches the lives of family members/caregivers and
members/family Diagnosed or perhaps not yet, with a Mental Health Condition. 
We often hear our members describe DF as
"Life Changing" 
Depression Forums helps people, who otherwise would not be able to understand what it is they are going through! 
Our Members are able to talk to their peers about their illnesses and medications, and have an understanding, using our website as a 'stepping stone',
being able to finally go to a 'real-time' psychiatrist or a therapist for the first time and get the help that they need without f ear. 
Please give today. 
Our LW Hosting has gone up from 100.00 to 120.00!
We are still struggling with not enough Traffic and until we can replace a Technician like our Mark, (Lioninwinter), 
who unexpectedly passed away, the Forums we will struggle on.
 We have to rely on your gift, your donations, to pay for DF's Server.
Your gift will allow us to continue to keep us on he internet and to help people overcome the Stigma of Mental Illness, navigate the
Mental Health system, Advocate Mental Health Parity. 
This website is FREE to you!!
Helping families and individuals with Mental Health Disorders, Education which is so important to YOU!  
Continuing with IPB Support Group Offerings which we pay for out of pocket, and so much more that we wish to do for you, our members, which is free for you!  Not only the Forums but the blog as well!
Example:  We used to have an Arcade, and a fun chat room, but now we cannot afford to!
1. Example: New Members seem to be "ignored"!by senior members, not even a "hello" or what forum to lead them to...
2. No volunteers for the chat room
Are we not the friendly Forums DF used to be?

Depression Forums has no corporate sponsors, plus no advertising help any longer! We haven't the Traffic to speak of 

This is what Advertisers want.

We are totally dependent on the support from traffic, guests and our wonderful members.

Your contributions help DF to continue to pay for our Hosting which we need to be here for YOU!

It is greatly appreciated. 

It Does Take A Village ! 

We want to give our appreciation to some of those for all your continued support  & efforts. 
We do want you to  support your peers as well, this is what a peer to peer community forums is all about
We do hope that you will keep in mind New Members who do not yet know their way around
it seems as if many do not support them
 DF had no problems in the past since 2004 up until recently.
We really Appreciate every donation helping us to help those affected by Mental Health all over the world!
It is never too late to make an ANONYMOUS Paypal DONATION TO:

Click above to send a donation:

Thank you so much!


Best Wishes Always,


Lindsay, Forum Administrator, Founder

The Depression Forums Administration 



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