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A Reminder that we are a PG13 Site


First.   Please keep in mind that NO content can be posted that is not PG13!  We do not permit advertising or selling anything. 

No Drugs, no sexual content and definitely not images which are not permitted in a post!

We will target it as SPAM, which will delete it and YOU.  Not even memes or humorous images should be posted, if you want these forums to continue.


We have been around since 2001 and I never thought we would still have to post this.

If you see something that is not permitted that should not necessarily be on our Forums and no one is around atm

to help, you may be able to message Lindsay on Depression Forums Facebook.

If you want to post an image, we have a Gallery just for you!  Let your peers know and post the URL pointing it to your gallery. 

For our wonderful members:

When you log onto DF, our Forums does not look entirely the same as when you are logged out!

All Announcements, Tweets, the donation button,  New Topics, Upcoming Events, Etc.,

are bunched up at the bottom left of the front page!

Why I do not know.  I will try to get it fixed,



Again, Depressionforums.org is PG13, we do not advertise Drugs for adverts or sale.

Thank you so much,

We Care, #BeSafeDoSafe


~Forum Admin


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