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Date joined DF: 5 July 2001

Firelizardee (Eileen), is the most senior moderator here at
She had joined after trying to find out information on Efexor XL and got pointed to DF and was asked to become a moderator when the OLD was just about a month old.
There were only a few moderators when she joined. The Paxil room was the only medication Forum that had a moderator and the former owner was absent “quite a bit”. There were not enough moderators for the med forums at the time, although the forums were quite small by todays’ comparison. (“We had much less rooms then”), so she became a moderator for the ‘efexor’ forum.

In her first few months, (and indeed, few years) at DF, she was very suicidal and it was partially the reason why the Suicide Help Forum was created. Back in early 2002, Eileen had become suicidal and she had left the forum for a few days, worrying admin and members alike in the process.
Admin and Eileen got together and put forward ideas of how they could help those who were suicidal. Out of this came the Suicide Help Forum and Members Needing Extra Support Now! Forum. The Cafe’ was added back then as an added bonus to members.

DF has grown very much since then, especially in the last 2 years as it has changed hands in 2004 and since it has became a .org, many more forums have been added, such as the Portal, Chat and Water Cooler.

At times in the beginning, Eileen wasn’t really much help to members, as she needed much help and support herself and felt like she was taking and not giving back.
“An older member said to me that there would come a time when I would be able to help and want to ‘give back’ and she was right.” she said.
Eileen has changed, she is not so depressed any longer or suicidal. DF has helped her to help others.

Firelizardee’s interests outside of DF are reading, art, (she is quite the artist), you can see some of her work in the DF Gallery, helping out at an advice centre for people with mental health disorders, photography and travel. Eileen has recently finished attending a Therapeutic Community which involved 2 1/2 years of psychodynamic group therapy, art therapy and psychodrama. She is still on Efexor and attends her Psychiatrist and Occupational Therapy every 2 weeks.

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