Enactment of a parity law is within reach.

Parity On! (Is this the new Boring But Important?)

I feel like I’ve advocated parity so many times — both in print and on this blog — and each time I’m all like, “This is urgent! Take action! Throw yourself in front of a train!” And then nothing happens.

Today I got an action alert from Mental Health America (whose logo is very confusing, BTW) on the subject once again. Here’s what they say:

Enactment of a parity law is within reach. Contact your Senator and help build the grassroots’ support needed to bring the parity bill to a vote before Senators leave for the August break. In order to enact a parity law this year, renewed momentum is needed now, especially in the Senate where S. 558, the “Mental Health Parity Act of 2007,” is ripe for passage. (The House bill, H.R. 1424, is still moving through the committee process.) Senate sponsors have worked to tighten this bill since it won committee approval in February, and Senator Kennedy is preparing to offer a modified version of the bill on the Senate floor.

S. 558 would close loopholes in existing law and provide full parity for both treatment limits (such as day and visit limits) and out-of-pocket costs (such as co-payments and deductibles) for some 113 million Americans in health care coverage sponsored by larger employers (over 50 employees, as in current law). Importantly, the bill, as modified, preserves a wide range of state laws including those that mandate provision of mental health benefits, those requiring coverage of specific mental disorders, and those providing broader patient protections.

Contact Your Senator Today!

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